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Italy: with the Pomigliano company agreement, Fiat ends the first act of its strategy to question the Italian industrial relations system
Planet Labor, 6 January 2011, n°5525 -

After the signature of the separate agreement for the Mirafiori agreement on December 23rd (see our dispatch No.  110001), Fiat obtained, on December 29th, the signature of the Fim-Cisl, Uilm-Uil, UGL and Fismic unions (which already signed the separate agreement of June 15thsee our dispatch No.  100440) on the company collective agreement of the newco which will take over the Pomigliano d’Arco plant.  Valid from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2012, this agreement will only manage the industrial relations of the 4,600 employees who will gradually be re-hired by the Fabbrica Italia Pomigliano. Since this company won’t be affiliated with the Confindustria employers’ organization, it won’t be subject to collective coverage. This month, Fiat is starting the procedures for the investment of €700, which should help the plant produce 270,000 new Pandas a year, and recruiting technicians and employees. Workers will remain on Cassa Integrazione and attend training for the new production, before being hired between May and the fall when production starts.

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