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MAN Diesel SE: the agreement on workers’ representation in the European company broadly designed on the German co-management model

MAN Diesel, a world leader in diesel engines, chose to maintain the existing dual structure. The firm’s head office remains in Augsburg. The directorate is supervised by a board of directors composed of 12 members reduced to 10 in the European company so as to facilitate “decision-making and effectiveness”. The principle of equal representation is preserved. The five workers’ representatives are 3 Germans and 2 Danes, the two countries with the majority of MAN Diesel’s employees. They are elected by the European works council from a list of national and/or European workers’ representatives. Out of the 5 representatives, whose salaries are set in accordance with German legislation, 2 are union members, in this case of IG Metall, belonging to the most broadly represented unions in the firm. In principle, the agreement is not subject to German legislation on co-management unless expressly indicated otherwise. Consequently, in case the total number of employees (currently 6,400) falls below 2000, the number of employee representatives would drop to one third of seats in the new structure in accordance with German co-management legislation.

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