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Belgium: talent mobility initiative launched in finance sector
Planet Labor, 21 October 2019, n°11436 -

On 30 September, financial sector employer federation Febelfin and trade unions ACV Puls, GNC-CNE, BBTK/SETCa and ACLVB/CGSLB signed a new protocol on ‘talent mobility’, as a follow-on from the agreement signed on 19 December 2018. The protocol takes inspiration from the best practices in the financial sector and is aimed at companies that are yet to carry out formal work on the matter. It proposes pathways for workers whose jobs may be under threat due to digital transformation. Those who commit to a pathway will benefit from the help of coaches, who have been trained on the problems affecting the sector, as well as a ‘Talent Mobility’ digital platform. Speaking to Planet Labor, Gisèle Désiront, Senior Counsel Social Affairs and a representative of Febelfin, goes over the issues covered by the protocol.

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