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Denmark: financial sector agreement giving more flexibility to companies and employees to resume activity
Planet Labor, 22 April 2020, n°11869 -

On 17 April, the Financial Sector Employers’ Association (FA) and the Finansforbundet trade union reached an agreement that sets a framework for the gradual reopening of workplaces in the sector. Valid until 31 May, the agreement suspends those articles of the industry’s collective agreement that lay down strict rules on working hours and working time. As a result, employees will, with the employer’s agreement, be able to work at home every day. Employers may require work to be done outside normal working hours (8hr-17hr) and without them giving rise to the right to additional remuneration. Employees may be required to perform work other than that normally performed. In addition, the agreement encourages dialogue between employers and employees on how to deal with the situation, especially if an employee has problems with his or her children or suffers from a chronic illness and is therefore an ‘at risk’ individual.