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Denmark: Siemens Wind Power and Arbejdstilsynet (Danish Professional Environmental authority) both tarnished by an epoxide scandal
Planet Labor, 8 June 2016, n°9707 -

Since 2012, Siemens Wind Power, along with some 4,000 other Danish businesses has been proudly boasting the Arbejdstilsynet green smiley (Kronesmiley) that recognizes a high quality-working environment. However, several former Siemens employees, with support from the 3F union, have recently lodged compensation cases against the company for what they purport are illnesses suffered through the use of chemical products including epoxide. This case calls the trustworthiness of the Arbejdstilsynet into question as well as the outsourcing of its auditing activity, and the credibility of Siemen Wind Power itself, not to mention the fact that the affair has now opened up a potential Pandora’s box amongst other businesses.

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