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France: mutual insurance companies encourage employees to take days off during the health crisis with donations to charity for each day taken
Planet Labor, 20 April 2020, n°11847 -

While French companies sway back and forth between negotiation and unilateral measures to organise the use of annual leave, as they strive to manage this ongoing period of declining activity (on the legal framework see article n°11761), mutual insurers are proposing an alternative model. No mandatory leave is imposed, but employees are encouraged to take days off and participate in a spirit of solidarity. For example, an agreement signed on 9 April by mutual insurance firm Matmut stipulates that for each day of leave taken during the period, the company will pay €12 to charities that support medical staff and research as well as social work aimed at the most fragile and vulnerable sectors of the population. Employees can also waive days of their leave entitlement, for which the company will pay the salary normally due plus an additional €20 to the causes mentioned. On 3 April, mutual insurance group Covea offered its 21,000 employees up to 5 days of solidarity leave, each of which would involve the payment of €10 to charity.