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Germany: +2.7% increase in salaries over two years in the western Landers’ textiles and clothing industry
Planet Labor, 16 February 2021, n°12362 -

As 11 February dawned, and after 14 long hours of negotiations in Munich, Germany’s metalworkers’ union IG Metall together with the employers’ Textil + Mode confederation (textile and fashion industry) reached a new collective wage agreement for the 100,000 textile and clothing workers in the western Länders that will run for 25 months. These employees will receive a single ‘corona bonus’ payment of €325 for the year 2021. Then from February 2022 they will see their salaries increase by 1.3%, with further 1.4% being added from October 2022. Apprentices will also receive the ‘corona bonus’ along with an extra €30 per month from 01 August 2022. In addition, the collective agreement on part-time pensions (Altersteilzeit) will be renewed and improved. Finally, employers will increase their contribution to the Apprenticeship and Continuing Vocational Education Training Fund from €12.5 to €15 per employee per year. According to IG Metall, this agreement, which it believes should boost the economy, is the result of intense mobilization by employees whose determination was evident during warning strikes. The employers’ Textil + Mode confederation welcomed having reached an agreement that offers companies a window on the future.