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Germany: Mercedes-Benz management at the Sindelfingen facility agree with the works council on flexible working conditions geared to attract software experts

With its transformation process towards mobility in the future in full swing, the management team at Mercedes-Benz, Sindelfingen, announced on 25 June that it had reached an agreement with its works council to facilitate the recruitment of new software experts. The text allows this cohort to organize their working hours in a flexible way and, if they achieve good results, to rapidly enjoy high bonuses. The German carmaker intends to develop its own operating system called MB.OS for its connected vehicles by 2024 and it plans to hire nearly 3,000 software developers worldwide for this purpose, including nearly 1,000 at the Sindelfingen facility.

Through . Published on 30 June 2021 à 14h50 - Update on 30 June 2021 à 15h52

Accelerating the transformation. In a joint statement, the signatories emphasized the significance of the new company agreement. According to Sajjad Khan, Technology Head and Mercedes-Benz board member, the agreement is expected to ‘accelerate’ the automotive group’s transformation to being software-driven company. “We know that the automotive industry is increasingly turning to bits and bytes.…

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