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Germany: spotlight on increasing rising use of social media by company works councils
Planet Labor, 27 September 2018, n°10826 -

The Amazon-verdi blog, the Obi-verdi blog, Siemens Dialog, Schaeffler-Nachrichten, …, German company works councils are increasingly turning to the different social media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even WhatsApp) to communicate both internally and externally on company work conditions and other work-related issues. Modern communications tools deliver employee representatives a broader range of opportunities to quickly and easily inform staff, reach new worker groups, campaign for public awareness, shape public opinion. Social media also carries a number of risks because works councils have to comply with confidentiality requirements. Ute Demuth, who for twenty years has been advising and training works councils on social media use, sat down with Planet Labor to discuss the positive opportunities and the risks social media hold for works councils.

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