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Germany: Volkswagen workers get a 5.6% wage increase and improved company pension
Planet Labor, 28 May 2013, n°7581 -

13 days after a pilot collective agreement was signed in the Bavarian metal industry, the IG-Metall union and Volkswagen’s management signed, on the night of May 27 in Hanover, a new “company agreement” for the company’s approximately 102,000 employees in Germany.  This agreement contains all of the provisions included in the sectoral agreement, plus a few improvements.  Thus, like metalworkers, the carmaker’s employees will also get a wage increase divided in two: 3.4% in September 2013 and 2.2% in July 2014.  But they also get a single €300 bonus, which will be added to their supplementary corporate pension.  (Ref.  130352)

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