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Germany: Zonar, the performance evaluation software at Zalando that has sparked a data protection probe
Planet Labor, 7 January 2020, n°11570 -

A study conducted by a German university claims that e-commerce platform Zalando has been placing its workers under pressure and/or surveillance using the performance management tool Zonar, a software used for so-called ‘360° feedback’ on employees. Zalando categorically denies the allegations made in the report. Nonetheless, the regional data protection officer in the state of Berlin announced an inquiry into the software, the use of which has been prohibited until further notice. The case raises several issues related to co-determination amid the rise of digitalisation. Planet Labor has sought to find out more and has spoken to Verdi, the German services sector trade union, as well as to a manager at Zalando, who has agreed to talk anonymously about their experience with Zonar.

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