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Great Britain: Department for Work could offshore some of its divisions in India

The civil servants’ main trade union (PCS) revealed to the press a confidential report from the Ministry for Work and Pensions on the possibility of relocating to India its call-center activities, which employ thousands of people. According to the trade union, the divisions addressing the requests related to unemployment benefits would be specifically targeted. This trade union outcry forced the Department, already in delicacy with its personnel because of job cuts, to deny these projects. (Ref. 0659)

Through . Published on 24 January 2006 à 16h08 - Update on 17 March 2013 à 19h54

The document entitled “offshoring process”, of December 20, refers to “proposals being made by service providers to subcontract certain activities abroad, in line with the continuing need for government Departments to reduce costs”. These measures “could lead to the partial or even total offshoring of some divisions”…

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