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Hungary: several large automobile firms and their suppliers recommence production
Planet Labor, 17 April 2020, n°11845 -

At Audi some 100 workers have started working once again in the engine department. The automobile manufacturer devised a comprehensive range of measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in its factory, in compliance with the regulations set out by Hungarian health authorities. In all workplaces, a safe distance of 1.5 metres must be kept between workers. All staff will be given obligatory training as well as full information as regards the necessary precautions. In a statement, the independent trade union Audi Hungary announced that it has reached an agreement with the company to maintain jobs and secure the financial resources of employees. In this spirit, under the agreement employees who are not working can stay at home without having to dip into their paid holiday allowance. Meanwhile the tyre company Hankook has announced that it is complying with health regulations, such as providing masks, prescribing stricter hygiene rules and regular disinfection throughout its sites, providing additional bus services as well as informing and training employees. Autoliv, a supplier of seatbelts, has also resumed production with almost 10% of its total workforce (200 employees out of 2,200), according to a local trade unionist. The staff that have returned to work are those who live close to the plant and have a car. At the same time, some office employees have been sent on leave. The company management, the union and the works council have agreed to set up a non-contact temperature check system at the entrance to the site; a thermal camera surveillance system is also being acquired, and the necessary safe distance has been marked by lines in social areas. The Japanese company Denso restarted production last week and this week 1,500 of the 4,600 employees will work in two shifts. Suzuki, Opel and Mercedes also plan to recommence work at the end of April.