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Italy: Enel signs two framework agreements on the management of ‘surplus’ workers
Planet Labor, 20 May 2013, n°7551 -

On May 9, Enel group and the Filctem-CGIL, Flaei-Cisl and Uiltec-Uil unions signed two framework agreements on the management of ‘surplus’ workers.  The first is on the group implementing Article 4 of the latest labor reform, allowing workers to retire early if they are entitled to fully retire within four years after they leave.  The company is responsible for paying the salary but it is managed by the National Social Security Institute (INPS).  The second governs professional and geographical mobility for employees in units hit by the crisis.  Enel also promised to recruit 1,500 young people with an apprenticeship contract.  (Ref.  130324)

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