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Italy: Fondimpresa- the interprofessional fund for lifelong training releases €5 million to develop active employment policies
Planet Labor, 14 February 2020, n°11659 -

Founded 15 years ago by the employers’ Confindustria organization and the central union organizations (Cgil, Cisl, and Uil), the Fondimpresa (that finances employee lifelong training programs) is launching a trial program promoting the employability of those out of work and those on ‘technical unemployment’ (cassa integrazione). The program will comprise two elements, the first of which will be €3.5 million to be allocated towards careers advice, training and retraining for workers, including those on technical unemployment, in struggling companies that intend to lay off staff. The second element comprises €1.5 million for companies that are finding it difficult to fill certain positions so they will be able to train the unemployed as well as job seekers with the objective of ultimately hiring them (companies receiving these funds will have to hire at least 70% of the trainees on permanent employment contracts). In an interview with the national daily publication Il Sole 24 Ore on 05 February, the head of Fondimpresa, Bruno Scuotto emphasized, “Italian companies will be able to train people prior to hiring them.” Fondimpresa is also seeking to resolve the paradox whereby in spite of a high unemployment rate, several Italian companies are struggling to find certain professional profiles. Business affiliated with Fondimpresa (and for the first element including certified training organizations) can apply for funds from 24 February until the end of 2020. Fondimpresa currently has 200,000 company members (primarily SMEs) with 4.7 million employees.