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Italy: oil and gas company ENI augments ‘smart working’

In light of the success of its pilot phase that was launched in February 2017 and which only concerned parents with young children, on 23 March 2018, ENI, together with the Filctem-Cgil, Femca-Cisl and Uiltec-Uil unions signed an agreement to extend agile working to other worker categories. A satisfaction survey of smart workers and their bosses conducted in July 2017 during the pilot phase added useful clarity on both the benefits of this working arrangement and the gap between enthusiastic program participants and their bosses reticence.

Through . Published on 04 April 2018 à 15h23 - Update on 04 April 2018 à 15h30

The new agreement. This March agreement that takes into account the Law of May 2017 and modifies some of the measures in the February 2017 agreement, confirms smart working for parents of young children (under three years of age) as a way of supporting parenthood, and triggers a fresh pilot phase. Now agile working will be extended to roughly 1,000 workers in the ENI Progetti,…

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