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Italy: trust in social partners among population increases
Planet Labor, 10 February 2020, n°11646 -

The 32nd ‘Rapporto Italia’ from EURISPES (Institute of Political, Economic and Social Studies), published on 30 January and covering the main social trends in Italy, reveals a sizeable increase in trust towards trade unions in Italy. While less than 15% of Italians say that they trust in the country’s institutions generally, trust in trade unions was found to be 8.5 percentage points higher than last year. Some 46.4% of Italians say they trust trade unions, compared to 37.9% in 2019. The proportion is the highest recorded for 12 years, with a low of 17.2% being reached in 2012. The trend is similar for business organisations, which since 2010 have recorded higher trust scores than trade unions. Employer groups have the trust of 49.4% of Italians in 2020 (up from 43.2% in 2019), marking the highest score for 12 years. Like trade unions, the lowest score (20.9%) for employer organisations was recorded in 2012. Meanwhile the EURISPES study also finds that the trust of Italians in social partners is far higher than trust in the government (26.3% in 2020), political parties (26.6%) and local authorities (34.3%).