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Mexico: businesses backing staff that take part in 09 March women’s strike
Planet Labor, 4 March 2020, n°11694 -

Mexico’s ‘national women’s strike’ that is set for 09 March was launched by the feminist group Brujas del mar via Facebook back in September 2019. The strike action has garnered unprecedented support from both political leaders and the business community at a time when violence towards women is markedly on the increase (+136% since 2015). Several public sector institutions along with major companies across many sectors (see here for the list provided by the daily El Economista publication on 03 March) have advised against levying sanctions on those who go out on strike. Volkswagen Mexico announced it would suspend production for the day (09 March) at its Puebla and Guanajuato sites, as much due to the impact of the female absences as in support of their cause. In a statement Volkswagen said, ‘We know how women are feeling after the recent events in our country (Ed. note: press reports of women being murdered and young girls being violently attacked), and in line with our solidarity principles as well as protecting the right for all to live in a safe non-violent environment, we thus support our employees’ freely made choice to work or to strike on 09 March, in both the Puebla and Guanajuato sites and in our administrative, sales and services offices, and without any economic repercussions on them.’ Given the sheer volume of female workers at these sites ‘without the women we cannot function,’ the statement explained.