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Spain: agreement at Vodafone for a pilot project to extend remote working
Planet Labor, 9 July 2020, n°12050 -

On 07 July Vodafone management together with the CCOO and UGT trade unions concluded an agreement, which in the short term frames a gradual, ‘orderly and safe’ return to the ‘new normal’, by scheduling a staggered return to the workplace after the summer, amid an environment that still weathering the effects of the health crisis, and that in the long term will also be an opportunity to take advantage of low premises occupancy levels in order to try out and test new forms of organization, especially in terms of extending the use of remote working. As part of Vodafone’s ‘Future Workplace, project,’ one goal of which is to increase the implementation of smart working within the company, a six-month pilot project has been set up, which is set to start on 14 September and which will seek to test new forms of work, including the potential for employees to benefit from up to three days of remote working per week, i.e. 60% of working time.

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