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Scandinavian trade unions act against social dumping

Starting January 19th, a Polish company will be affected by a union-lead blockade because it refuses to sign the sector’s Swedish collective agreement. A repetition of what happened to a Latvian company in Waxholm, and that lead to a lawsuit currently pending at the CJEC. This jurisdiction will have to deal with yet an other case of social dumping, involving the Finnish union of seamen.

Through . Published on 13 January 2006 à 17h32 - Update on 17 March 2013 à 18h40

A blockade is due to affect a Polish company’s building site. Swedish unions are behind this conflict. Starting January 19th, a Polish company, Przedsbiorstwo Wielobranzowe, or “Zojax”, will be affected by a blockade lead by Byggnads, a construction workers’ union. This because the company refuses to sign the Swedish collective agreement on salaries and work conditions in the construction industry. This blockade involves a construction site for the Swedish promoter Bostaden Vetlanda AB. 36 villas are to be built in Vasterhejde, on Gotland island. This action will be accompanied by a so-called sympathetic blockade (legal in Sweden) against three companies who also work on this site : PEAB,…

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