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ENGIE: signature of a European Agreement to safeguard workers’ employability as the group undergoes its business transformation
Planet Labor, 11 April 2016, n°9597 -

On 08 April, the energy group together with three European union federations – IndustriALL Europe, EPSU (European Public Services Union and the EFBW (European Federation of Building and Woodworkers) – signed a European agreement that aims to especially allow each employee to build his/her career path in the group against a backdrop of organizational change, emphasized the signatories’ joint statement. This “European Social Agreement” reaffirms and strengthens the Employment Skills and Planning Agreement agreed in 2010 at European level, which treats aspects of preventative social dialogue and sets social guarantees when employees’ working conditions are impacted following organizational changes. The agreement also makes serious concrete commitments on training, for which an annual budget over three years of €100 million will be allocated, and facilitates internal mobility in a bid to safeguard employability within the group.

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