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EU: ETUC seeks to help its members strategically reposition given the democratic and social challenges in the post-Covid-19 era
Planet Labor, 25 March 2021, n°12435 -

Based on the observation that the pandemic ‘removes all our certainties’ and necessarily leads us to reflect upon the world of tomorrow, the ETUC’s Rethinking project seeks to position the confederation at a strategic level. This project draws on several debates that occurred towards the end of 2020 with various experts, academics and trade unionists. To capture their content and ‘strengthen’ the strategic thinking of the trade union movement, the ETUC has launched a website hosting 8 overview videos (available in English, French, and Italian). The videos deal with debt and public spending, employment and social protection for the future, public and essential services for the future as well as green and social investments, etc.. The videos will be put online one at a time each week on Thursdays.