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EU: pact for skill development signed in construction industry

Through . Published on 11 February 2022 à 15h19 - Update on 11 February 2022 à 15h19

European social partners in the construction sector signed so-called Pact for Skills on 8 February, in line with the European Skills Agenda launched by Brussels (see article n°12881). The signatories to the pact have set themselves the target of enabling 25% of employees in the sector to benefit from upskilling and reskilling activities within five years. This represents 3 million workers, with the construction industry accounting for 6% of the continent’s total workforce. The signatories have also agreed to direct the demand for vocational training towards new needs such as attracting young people and women, managing long careers, as well as the ecological and digital transitions. More specifically, actors in the construction sector are committed to promoting a culture of lifelong learning through financial means, co-construction with employees and co-determination in the field of professional training. The concerted efforts by public and private players should help alleviate the sector’s struggles in filling qualified positions. The key figures (such as geographical coverage of training, number of workers affected, share of women and young people, and number of campaigns conducted) will be evaluated every year by the signatories.

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