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EU: social partners in the automotive sector call for an ambitious recovery plan for the sector
Planet Labor, 26 May 2020, n°11958 -

‘During the financial crisis (2008-13), the automotive sector lost 440,000 jobs (in car production and the aftermarket). If no measures are taken, this number risks being dwarfed by the current recession which may be much deeper,’ together warned the European trade union federation IndustriAll Europe, and on the employers’ side, Ceemet, ACEA, CLEPA, CECRA, and ETRMA. in a joint declaration signed on 26 May. Thus the auto-sector’s call to the European Commission for ‘a bold industrial recovery plan. Such a plan should be based on two objectives. First of all, bringing the industry back on track by stimulating sales and reviving production, and secondly, supporting the industry in its journey towards a carbon-neutral future, based on the Green Deal and Europe’s climate objectives.’

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