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European social partners in the tourism and hospitality sectors call for better regulation of the platform economy
Planet Labor, 20 December 2019, n°11563 -

On 29 November, the EFAT (European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions) and HOTREC (Hotels, Restaurants & Cafés in Europe) federations signed a joint declaration calling for ‘fair conditions and fair competition in the hospitality and tourism sectors.’ The federations are targeting the platform economies within these sectors and are calling for the exercise of greater controls and restrictions on the relevant actors. The federations would like the EU to go even further in terms of regulating the platform sector and they are calling for ‘greater transparency between private hotels and professional service providers,’ citing as an example the fact that in ‘certain European destinations, approximately half of the private hoteliers are simultaneously managing three or more properties, (…) and as such should be considered as professional service providers,’ and that consequently it would then be a question of applying the same requirements on these actors in, for instance, the areas of taxation, hygiene, and safety. Both federations agreed to assess the impact of the platform economy on businesses and jobs in the hospitality and tourism sectors. They have stated their fear that ‘raising the number of services being provided by these platforms will create more precarious and informal employment, to the detriment of regular employment.’ They are also looking to establish recommendations to ‘safeguard conditions for fair competition.’ In addition, they are pushing for ‘public authorities to take measures towards greater regulation, data collection and compilation, the establishment of sanctions, and greater supervisory-related resources, in order to safeguard ‘consumer protection, fair treatment, and respect for workers’ rights, as well as the conditions for fair competition among companies.’

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