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UniCredit and the EWC sign a joint statement on remote work
Planet Labor, 22 October 2020, n°12193 -

A joint declaration signed on 21 October by the management and EWC of Italy’s second largest bank, UniCredit, sets out the guidelines, principles and future minimum quality standards for remote work, with the aim of offering this possibility to all employees within the group (on a voluntary basis) and in all countries where it operates. The text defines new ‘ordinary’ working arrangements that are based on alternating remote work with face-to-face work (40% of working time for employees in the Headquarters and central office structures, and 20% for employees across the Group’s Network). The joint declaration takes into account the extraordinary experience gained during the pandemic, as well as positioning remote work within the framework of initiatives promoting a high quality of work life and a better work-life balance.

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