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SUEZ : renewed European agreement on professional equality detailed by group industrial relations director
Planet Labor, 2 October 2019, n°11395 -

On 12 September 2019, global utilities group SUEZ signed a new European agreement on professional equality that applies to almost 61,000 staff working across all its subsidiaries Europewide. The agreement targets a continued increase in the number of females employed and affirms its zero tolerance policy in terms of wage discrimination and sexual harassment, as well as making a commitment to match paternity leave remuneration conditions with those for maternity leave (c.f. article No. 11355). In an interview with Planet Labor, Corinne Borralho, Corporate Industrial relations Director, discusses the contents of an agreement that will affect almost 70% of the group’s headcount and that strengthens the commitments undertaken in the previous 2015 agreement (c.f. article No. 8995).

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