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United Kingdom becomes legal battleground over EWC rights amid Brexit
Planet Labor, 12 March 2020, n°11716 -

Compared with other national systems that serve as the basis for several EWCs, the UK has provided a wealth of jurisprudence and the reason for this is an almost two-year battle between employers’ and employees’ legal teams seeking decisions over the scope of information and consultation rights within the framework of Brexit, and the migration of EWCs to the Republic of Ireland.  Unite the Union is the the largest UK & Irish trade union federation involved in this tug-of-war and it is also developing a legal strategy on a number of cases key for securing EWCs rights to experts. The most recent legal decision to date concerns the Princes Group case that was handed down on 17 January by the Central Arbitration Committee (the CAC oversees the regulation of UK labour law as it relates to trade union recognition and collective bargaining), and that provides a broad definition of the notion of ‘Transnationality’ and clarifies the issue of the right to experts.

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