Planet Labor becomes mind RH

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  • France: PwC raising employee awareness of the potential of emerging technologies

    Thanks to the PwC Tech Lab, staff at the UK headquartered international consulting and auditing services firm can now try out the latest tech trends and their applications in order to understand their impact on the business environment. The Tech lab is an immersive 3D space, which will also enable employees imagine solutions that could apply to their different business divisions (industry, services, finance, human resources, etc.), as they strive to meet major challenges such as steering and managing the carbon footprint or reducing exposure to cyber risk.

  • Schneider Electric develops the ‘career conversation’ to enable older workers express their career choices

    Le spécialiste des équipements électriques a lancé, courant 2021, un programme mondial dédié aux salariés de plus de 50 ans, afin de mobiliser leur potentiel et les accompagner dans leurs souhaits d’évolution tant professionnelle que personnelle. Au cœur du dispositif, “la conversation de carrière” : un échange approfondi entre le senior et son manager pour aider ce dernier à formuler ses attentes pour les dix ou quinze ans à venir.

  • EU: the 4th UNI Europa Conference was held under the heading ‘Changing Europe Together’

    With the desire to ‘Change Europe’, thanks to stronger unions with increased negotiations influence, UNI Europa gathered its members together for a three-day conference, held in Rome from the 14th to the 16th of March 2016, to set out a strategic framework for the next four years. Unions’ strengthened capacity to attract members and to negotiate, using levers including union alliances, European Works Councils, and transnational company agreements came to the fore. In terms of transnational company agreements, the Conference adopted a set of guidelines and a negotiation procedure.

  • Great Britain: all the trade unions have renewed their 10 year political funds

    The 1984 Union law requires unions to ballot their members if they want to continue maintaining  their political funds (that can be used to provide financial support for political parties) for a further 10 year term (see article n°8377). Given the political backdrop, with the general election  to be held in 2015, and unions hoping for change, all the unions voted once again for the  maintenance of these funds.