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EU: Council of Ministers sets out its strategic priorities for the next five years
Planet Labor, 21 June 2019, n°11187 -

The European elections marked the beginning of a new cycle at the European Union’s main institutions, with the composition of a new European Parliament and, soon, that of a new Commission. It is against this backdrop that Member States on the one hand, and MEPs on the other, have been working in recent weeks to draft what they believe should be the strategic agenda for the next five years. While the strategic agenda of MEPs is yet to be assembled, that of Member States was adopted during the most recent European summit, in the evening of 20 June. The agenda contains four key areas: security and freedom, economic development, a fair and socially-friendly climate transition, and Europe’s role in the world. The summit however was not marked by agreements on who should be nominated to key EU roles, such as at the helms of the Commission and European Central Bank, among other institutions. Another meeting is scheduled for 30 June.

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