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EU: European Commission presents its 2020 work programme
Planet Labor, 29 January 2020, n°11618 -

On 29 January the European Commission adopted its 2020 Work Programme that sets out the key actions and initiatives intended to translate President von de Leyen’s policy agenda into action and who stated: “the European Commission will resolutely meet the challenges facing our generation, namely of climate change, digitalization, and migration.” One notable mention from the programme that in general contains no great departures from what we have already reported in our briefings (c.f. in particular Article No. 11588 and No. 11587) is the inclusion of an itemized table (Annex 1 – New Policy and legislative initiatives) indicating and summarizing each intended initiative along with their timings. With 2020 underway the EU Commission took the opportunity, as is usual, to present the draft texts that are log-jammed along the adoption procedure and that the EU Commission proposes to withdraw (Annex 4) as well as other regulations currently in force that will be slated for review (Annex 2).