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EU: final adoption of the legislative package on road transport working conditions
Planet Labor, 9 July 2020, n°12049 -

The vote on 08 July by MEPs brings to a close a three-year parliamentary process on a package of three pieces of legislation aimed at improving drivers’ working conditions and ending distortion of competition in the road transport sector. The revised rules address the posting of drivers, their driving times and rest periods as well as better enforcement of cabotage rules (the transport of goods carried out by non-resident hauliers in a host Member State on a temporary basis). The rules on posting will apply 18 months after the entry into force of the legislative act (which takes place after it is published in the EU’s Official Journal in the days ahead). Rules on rest periods, including return journeys by drivers, will apply 20 days after the publication of the act. For more on the contents of this legislative package, which was secured through compromise between the European institutions in December 2019, c.f. article No.11547.