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EU: very large EU trade union majority supporting an EU Directive for a minimum salary at a decent level
Planet Labor, 3 September 2020, n°12105 -

The answer to the question if the European trade union movement is working as one to support European legislation on decent minimum wages is ‘not quite’, but ‘almost’. On 03 September the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) issued a press release announcing that ‘the overwhelming majority of European trade unions representing 45 million workers have voted in favour of a new EU law to support fair minimum wages and collective bargaining,’  with the overwhelming majority in question amounting to 85% of the votes in favour.  87 national trade unions from across Europe took part in the vote, plus 10 European sectoral unions, following a ‘full and open’ debate, the ETUC statement read. Key to the ETUC statement is how it cast divided opinion within the body on such EU legislation whilst being transparent and as such indicating that the organisation will be giving the European Commission its full backing for a fair minimum salary guarantee for every worker in the EU.

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