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2018, a key year for the ILO’s Future of Work initiative
Planet Labor, 10 January 2018, n°10514 -

At the ILO’s 102nd plenary session in 2013, the Future of Work (FoW) initiative was chosen as one of seven central themes that would mark the tri-partite UN agency’s centenary in 2019. This initiative stemmed from the premise that processes of change were taking place at great speed and on an unprecedented scale and that the ILO’s fundamental mission of safeguarding social justice was never before as significant as currently. As such, the organization has to reflect on the future of work in order to be able to think about its own future in this environment of transformation. Following the initial 2016-2017 ‘national dialogue’ stage that involved trade unions, employers and governments and centered on four themes, namely work and society, decent employment for all, work organization and production, and governance of work, 2018 is set to be marked by work from a high-level Global Commission on the Future of Work culminating in a report scheduled for December 2018. The report’s contents will be discussed during the 108th session of the International Labour Conference in 2019 thus concluding the multi-year process. At this time a centenary Declaration may be adopted that would redefine the ILO’s goals and targets in the light of these new challenges.

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