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International: G7 members ready for deeper cooperation to reduce social inequality in globalised world
Planet Labor, 10 June 2019, n°11170 -

The labour and employment ministers from the world’s seven leading powers met at the G7 Social, held in Paris on 7 June under the French presidency. The ministers agreed on a ‘Social Communiqué’, which underlines the need to respond to citizens’ aspirations to reduce social inequality. To achive this goal, the statement points to fostering social protection, including for platform workers, preparing individuals for the digital transformation, as well as reducing the level of inequality between men and women. The meeting was also marked by a rare tripartite declaration, which was adopted by G7 labour ministers as well as international organisations representing workers (ITUC, TUAC) and employer groups (IOE and BIAC). In keeping with the commitments made as part of the communiqué, the signatories “believe that acting together is crucial for tackling inequalities, promoting decent work, including fair and decent wages, and hence, achieving more inclusive growth, shared prosperity and fair globalization”.

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