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International: unions see the failure of the Doha climate talks as social failure as well
Planet Labor, 4 January 2013, n°7139 -

The United Nations held a conference on climate change in Doha (Qatar) at the end of last year, in order to negotiate the Second Commitment Period of the Kyoto Protocol (Kyoto II) after the first phase, launched after the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 (aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 5.2% relative to emissions in 1990 for the period 2008-2012), expired. The second Period, commencing from the start of 2013 till the end of 2020, targets the European Union, Croatia, Iceland and 8 other industrialized countries, including Australia, Norway and Switzerland. Many countries, the US and China included, are still not covered by these commitments. However, the agreement reached on December 8, 2012 was disappointing for many observers, including the union movement which has been defending the idea of a fair transition for years. This fair transition would imply taking action against change as early as possible precisely to manage social consequences smoothly. Benjamin Denis, Advisor in charge of Environment at the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), talks about the social challenges of climate change. (Ref. 130006)

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