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The Global Commission on the Future of Work has submitted its report, marking the start of the ILO’s centenary year
Planet Labor, 22 January 2019, n°10975 -

The ILO is launching its centenary year with the launch of a report (here) produced by a group of independent experts that should lead it to a rethink of its role in light of the ever-faster pace of work transformations. The report is not just a theoretical summary account of the world of work, it is a penetrating document that seeks to prioritize actions and calls on the ILO to examine its own role as well as inviting national governments to adopt national strategies on the future of work. The report delivers ten recommendations that seek both to bolster individuals’ own capacities to handle the transformations and create an economic environment that prioritizes human rights. The ten points are however also to serve as inputs to the debate on a new roadmap for the international organization that was set up in 1919 with the core mission being of ensuring social justice.

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