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The ILO struggles to define its action for decent work along global supply chain
Planet Labor, 12 March 2020, n°11715 -

Momentum from the Centenary celebrations in 2019 (which saw the conclusion of a declaration and a new international convention on violence at work c.f. article No. 11189 and No. 11188) has ultimately proved insufficient. 2020 began with a much-anticipated meeting on decent work in global supply chains, which meant to define how the International Labour Organization should address this 21st century issue. In the face of such a complex topic, which raises among others the debate on the due diligence obligations of multinationals in an environment of mounting regulatory pressures*, the members of the tripartite organization’s technical committee (governments, trade unions and employers) who met in Geneva between 25 and 28 February 2020, were unable to agree on how to follow-up on this issue. The ILO Governing Body will decide during its November 2020 meeting whether or not to take up the matter.

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