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Italy: Fiat confirms automotive production halt in Sicilian plant

Twenty days to find a solution. Confirming the decision to stop automotive production in 2011 in the Termini Imerese plant, Fiat’s managing director, Sergio Marchionne declared that “the commitment for a different development of the establishment could still change.” Therefore, he accepted, during the December 1 meeting with Minister for Economic Development Claudio Scajola, to keep talks open about the restructuring program which will be presented to unions and the government on December 21. He also said that Fiat’s global production objectives in Italy were 900,000 cars a year. Yet, this number bothers unions which want to be consulted during these talks, not be presented with a fait accompli. Enzo Masini, general auto coordinator for the Fiom-CGIL, considers that this number is “too low, below the average production level in Italy before the crisis.” Therefore, he’s afraid that it will mean a “drastic reorganization of employment, within Fiat and supply providers.” However, on November 30, Minister Scajola met with Termini Imerese unions and told them to bank on Italian auto production to save the site.

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