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Chile: proposed legislation to reduce the working week to 40 hours progresses through parliament
Planet Labor, 3 September 2019, n°11330 -

This proposed legislation left the government in a febrile state through the summer months. Despite comments from some employers’ bodies’ representatives, on 02 September 2019 the Labor Commission of the Chamber of Deputies approved the draft legislation formulated by Communist Party parliament members that calls for a reduction in the working week from 45 hours down to 40 without any reduction in salary. The bill actually dates back to 2017, but after having been displaced, is now making a comeback as a viable alternative to the government’s proposal to create a 4-day working week while retaining the 45-hour legal working week. Although the draft legislation still has to pass through several stages before it can come into force, it has already served the purpose of forcing the executive to propose a reduction in working time down to 41 hours as well as launching a public debate across Chile on the issue.

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