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France: relaxation of the company health protocol
Planet Labor, 24 June 2020, n°12022 -

Since it can be observed that ‘the health situation is improving significantly’, it is possible ‘to envisage a further easing of activity-related health conditions’ outlined the new protocol published on 24 June (for details of the earlier protocol c.f. article No. 11906). The new protocol provides that except for persons at serious risk of SARS-CoV-2, ‘teleworking is no longer the norm, but remains a solution that is to be favored in the context of a gradual return to physical face-to-face activities, including vocational-educational alternating work’. It also provides for the appointment of a COVID-19 contact person in all companies, irrespective of size, and it relaxes the spatial rule of four square meters per employee.

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