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Great Britain: firms called on to assess Covid-19 risks prior to resuming business
Planet Labor, 12 May 2020, n°11922 -

On 10 May the UK Prime Minister made a less than clear presentation outlining a national plan to ease the current lockdown situation, and on the following day the government explained what it would be expecting firms and businesses to do to keep people safe at work. Formulated with assistance from both businesses and trade unions the detailed ‘Covid-19 secure’ guidance intends for the following five key points: Those who can should work from home; Assess risks in consultation with workers or trade unions; Where possible, two-meter social distancing should be maintained; Manage the risk of transmission if two-meter distancing not possible; More frequent cleaning. Wearing masks has not yet been made a recommendation. The government’s guidance is detailed in 8 sector-specific guides that cover a range of different types of work, more of which are expected to follow.

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