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Hungary: grandparental leave introduced as of 01 January 2020
Planet Labor, 9 January 2020, n°11577 -

As of 01 January 2020 Hungary’s working grandparents can access parental leave periods. Grandparents still in employment and looking after grandchildren in place of parents can take parental leave until a grandchild reaches its third anniversary. To be eligible, grandparents have had to be members of the social insurance system for at least 365 days during the two years prior to the birth of a grandchild. The maximum amount grandparents can receive is capped at HUF 225,288 (€700). Alongside and as part of a series of measures aimed at facilitating a higher national birth rate is the introduction of a lifetime exemption from personal income tax for females who give birth to and raise at least four children. A subsidy of HUF 2.5 million (€8,000) will also be offered to families with three or more children for the purchase of 7-seater vehicles.