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Ireland : draft legislation under debate that would extend paid leave to new parents by two weeks
Planet Labor, 8 October 2019, n°11406 -

The draft ‘Parents Leave and Benefit Bill’ (c.f. document attached), brought by three Government Ministers, is currently undergoing parliamentary debate and aims to come into force on 01 November 2019. The draft Bill intends for two weeks paid ‘Parents’ leave’ for each parent, to be taken in one or two lots during the first year following a child’s birth/adoption and applies in addition to current maternity, paternity and adoptive leave entitlements. The additional leave would be paid at the same rate as that for current maternity and paternity leave periods. During 2019 parental leave legislation was amended to offer unpaid extended leave via the ‘Parental Leave Act 2019’. In force since 01 September 2019, this legislation extended parental leave to 22 weeks from 01 September 2019, and to 26 weeks from 01 September 2020 and applies to children aged 12 years and under.