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News update as of June 4th, 2019
Planet Labor, 4 June 2019, n°11160 -

Spain: an Iveco employee suicide, subsequent to in-company sharing of pornographic video material pertaining to the employee, raises the question of company responsibility. Following the suicide on 25 May 2019 of a female employee at Iveco that occurred subsequent to the sharing by a work colleague, on a What’s App group comprising 20 work colleagues, of pornographic video footage of the woman dating back five years, the CCOO trade union announced in a press statement on 29 May that it would be making a complaint to the Labor Inspectorate ‘over inaction by the auto-company that had refused to trigger appropriate protocols (Ed. note: sexual harassment) when it had learnt of what was happening within the company. The company also contravened the law on the prevention and anticipation of profession risks because it did not evaluate the risk and it did not take preventative measures.’ Following a meeting with the employee in question, who was accompanied by a union representative, company management asserted that the issue was of a personal and private nature and unrelated to work. However the trade union held that the company ‘had not evaluated the risk and had not taken preventive measures, and as such had not respected law 31/95 on the prevention of work related risks, which had sadly resulted in the death of the worker,’ and which according to the CCOO should be classed as a work-related accident. The female employee in question left work early on 24 May 2019 after suffering an anxiety attack. Iveco argued it learnt of the case on 23 May and that it had applied the protocols in place for these types of situations. Iveco also argued that it had facilitated the employee’s reporting of the facts and had also offered her time off or another position in the company. “She refused everything’, Iveco management stated to the Spanish press. Iveco management also revealed that the employee had not known that the video footage have been as widely broadcast as it had and that she had thought it had only been shared within the immediate work circle.

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