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Portugal: Regressar programme aims to encourage emigrants to return
Planet Labor, 26 July 2019, n°11251 -

The initiative dubbed Regressar seeks to make it easier for Portuguese people who left the country before 31 December 2015 – the date that marked the official end of the period of austerity, which led 500,000 people to depart – to return. In order to encourage the return of Portuguese emigrants, the country is offering a 50% cut to their income tax as well as a grant for settling back in the country, which could be as much as €6,536. There are no limits in terms of age or profession for those who want to make the most of the initiative, however to benefit individuals must sign an employment contract lasting at least one year. Portuguese authorities have set up a dedicated channel within its institute for employment (IEFP), which manages job offers, to provide access to the scheme, as well as a specific information unit. The government believes that the social and economic conditions in Portugal have changed (the current rate of employment stands at 6.6%), which would allow for the reintegration of workers who previously emigrated. Some €10 million has been set aside to fund the Regressar initiative from 2019 to 2020.