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South Korea: spy-gadgets and complaints, employees are making use of the workplace anti-harassment law
Planet Labor, 5 September 2019, n°11335 -

In an article from 03 September 2019, the Reuters news agency has reported numbers from the Labor Department for workplace harassment complaints, which have been recorded since the notion was introduced into legislation (c.f. article No. 11301). Thus between 16 July 2019 when the legislation came into force and 29 August 2019, 572 employee complaints have been lodged. Labor Rights group Workplace Gabjil 119 has indicated that from among the online requests for information received on its web-based platform since July, 58% concern workplace harassment. The platform has observed a new phenomenon emerging, which has been confirmed by a seller of electronic devices and employees from whom Gabjil 119 asked for information, and it is namely the purchase by employees of spy-gadgets that can record harassment situations. It remains to be seen whether the data that has been collected can provide valid permissible proof before the tribunals.