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Spain: decree-law reforming the legal framework for remote working now available
Planet Labor, 23 September 2020, n°12138 -

As announced, the decree-law on remote working (28/2020) was officially published on 23 September. This reform aims to provide a single regulation that strikes a balancebetween ‘on the one hand, the use of these new forms of employment provision and the benefits they bring to companies and workers, and on the other hand, a framework of rights that among other things manifests the principles of their voluntary and reversible nature, and of equal treatment in terms of; working conditions, and in particular with regard to remuneration including compensation for expenses; promotion; and vocational training, the exercise of collective rights; maximum working time; and minimum rest periods; equal opportunities nationally; flexible distribution of working time; as well as preventive aspects related mainly to physical and mental fatigue, the use of data display screens; and the risks of isolation.’ The publication of this text, which resulted, by the very admission of the Minister of Labour, from three months of difficult negotiations with the social partners, represents an opportunity for us to return to the details of certain provisions of this reform, and in particular to its temporary measures, which were the subject of some bitter discussions.

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