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Covid-19 Vaccination

1 March 2022
Hong Kong: refusal to get the Covid-19 vaccine may result in employment dismissal
In early February 2022, the Hong Kong government announced that it would amend the Employment Ordinance in order to prevent labour disputes arising from the new social distancing measures. The Employment Amendment Bill was published in the Official Journal on 25 February. Among other things, it provides that workplace absences that fall within the requirements of the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance (Cap. 599) must be given one or more sick-leave days and with compensation. In addition, any dismissal on...
Covid-19 Vaccination Managing the fallout of Covid-19
11 January 2022
Great Britain: companies reduce sick pay for unvaccinated employees who need to isolate
From 10 January, employees of the Wessex Water company who have not received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine and who do not have any medical evidence justifying their status will only receive statutory sickness benefit, if they have to self-isolate as a result of being a close Covid-19 contact. The basic benefit is much lower than the amount usually paid by the employer. In cases where employees present a positive Covid test, 100% sickness benefit will be paid again. “Absences due to Covid have doubled...
Covid-19 Vaccination
25 November 2021
Germany: details of company obligations linked to the introduction of the 3G rule|Covid health pass at work
As of 24 November, employees in companies must be Covid vaccinated (Geimpft), recovered from Covid (Genesen) or negative tested for Covid (Getestet). Known as the ‘3G rule’ in Germany, it is the approximate equivalent of the Covid health pass. So how does this new 3G rule work? Who should pay for the tests? What happens if an employee refuses to be tested? Below is an overview of these new employers’ and employees’ obligations.
Covid-19 Vaccination
22 September 2021
Austria: unemployment benefit payments could be suspended for those refusing a job carrying a Covid-19 vaccination condition
According to the daily publication Der Standard, Austrian Labour Minister Martin Kocher (ÖVP) asked the Austrian Employment Agency (AMS), in a letter dated 25 August, to “block unemployment benefits for job seekers who refuse either to apply for a reasonable job on the sole pretext that a vaccination is required or to accept a job for the same reason.” In Austria, more and more companies, especially in the health and social sectors, are requiring new hires to be vaccinated against Covid-19, and the AMS...
Covid-19 Vaccination
16 September 2021
Great Britain: Morrisons supermarkets cutting sick pay for unvaccinated employees who need to self-isolate
‘From 1 October, following UK government confirmation that all adults have had the opportunity to get double vaccinated, we will no longer be paying full sick pay for pinged colleagues who have chosen not to be vaccinated,’ the Morrisons supermarket chain announced. This lowering of sick pay will only affect employees who are not fully vaccinated and have to quarantine. Employees suffering Covid-19 symptoms and those who have not yet had the opportunity to be vaccinated and need to isolate will still be able...
Covid-19 Vaccination
27 April 2021
Spain: mutual insurance companies will soon be able to vaccinate staff in companies with more than 250 employees
The government and employers are preparing to sign an agreement that allows mutual insurance companies to assist in inoculating employees. The agreement between the CEOE employers’ body and the Ministry of Health, should be ratified by the end of the week 26 April, and will authorize mutual insurance companies to actively participate in the vaccination effort by way of administering vaccines to employees in companies with more than 250 staff. This is a first, since until now the inoculation campaign has only...
Covid-19 Vaccination
22 April 2021
Germany: companies, the third pillar of the vaccination campaign, but not before June
Large companies in the metals, chemical and financial sectors are busy gearing up for their participation in Germany’s national vaccination campaign. Volkswagen and BASF have even started pilot projects, administering a few hundred vaccinations per day. However, due to insufficient vaccine supplies, mass inoculation in companies will not start before June, and before then a number of legal and ethical issues still need to be resolved.
Covid-19 Vaccination
21 April 2021
France: twenty new jobs added to the Covid-19 priority vaccination list
Following the conclusion of consultations on 20 April with the Ministry of Labor and the social partners, a list of some twenty private sector professions has been identified as priorities in France’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign. The professions include vehicle drivers, taxi and cab drivers, public transport inspectors, maintenance workers, security guards and buildings caretakers, food retail employees, funeral directors, and unskilled workers in the food industry (a complete list can be found below)....
Covid-19 Vaccination