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European company

News concerning agreements on the involvement of workers in the SE

1 July 2008
Klöckner & Co: the German group turns into a European Company
102 years after its creation, the Klöckner & Co company, the largest independent multi-metal distributor in the world, laid the foundation stone for its transformation into a European Company (SE). 99.9% of shareholders voted in favour of this new legal structure during the General Meeting of the group on June 20, 2008 in Duisburg. Two months earlier, the management and the special negotiating body (SNB) signed an agreement on employee representation in the new SE. (Ref. 080549)
European company
4 February 2008
BASF SE : agreement on the involvement of employees in BASF SE
The transformation of chemistry’s No. 1 into a European Company took about 9 months, from the permission given by shareholders on April 26, 2007 to the registration in the trade register on January 14, 2008. On November 15, 2007, the management and staff representatives signed an agreement on staff representation within BASF SE. It extends at the European level German laws on joint management. (Ref. 080093)
European company
23 November 2007
BASF: agreement on workers’ involvement in the future European Company
After several months of negotiation (see our article No. 070584), the German group’s management and the special negotiations’ body (SNB), which gathers the company’’s staff representatives, signed an agreement on staff representation in the new legal structure. Thus, BASF AG has overcome the last obstacle to its transformation into an SE which will formally be over at the beginning of 2008. (Ref. 070965)
European company
1 August 2007
Tools: agreements on workers’ involvement in a European Company
We are providing our subscribers with all of our resources. They are generally linked to our dispatches’ attached files. However, to make your research easier, we are also publishing “tools” articles gathering documents by theme. You will find international framework agreements and links to useful resources. (Ref. 070689)
European company
30 July 2007
Fresenius SE : analyze of the agreement on workers’ involvement in the European company
The Fresenius group (107.348 employees,) specialized in medical and pharmaceutical supplies and services, transformed into a European company (Societas Europaea-SE) on July 13, 2007 (see our stories n°061050 and 070657), after concluding an agreement on workers’ involvement in the European Company (EC) which specifies the role of the European company’s committee and the presence of staff representatives in the supervisory board. (Ref. 070667)
European company
25 July 2007
Fesenius: the German group changed into a European Company
The Fresenius group (107.348 employees,) specialized in supplies and medical and pharmaceutical services, changed into a European Company. After the favourable vote from he shareholders’ general assembly, on December 4, 2006, and the conclusion of an agreement on employees’ involvement in the European Company (EC), Fresenius EC became a registered company on July 13, 2007. (Ref. 070657)
European company
27 June 2007
Porsche: the car manufacturer adopted the status of European Company
During an extraordinary general assembly on June 26, 2007 in Stuttgart, the luxury German car manufacturer Porsche AG’s shareholders gave the green light to the transformation of the company into a European Company (EC) through the creation of a holding company. That same day, the group’s management and works council announced that they concluded an agreement on staff representation in the future EC. (Ref. 070573)
European company
16 May 2007
Scor: synthesis of the agreements setting up a common committee for the group’s three European companies
The three agreements on workers’ involvement within the European companies Scor global P&C EC, Scor global life EC and Scor EC were adopted by each future EC’s special negotiations group. A common committee for the three ECs (CCSE) should be set up after the signature (see our story n°070432), this article offers a summary of the agreements, annexed in an attachment. (Ref. 070433)
European company